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Our services

At M.1947, we are specialists in the comprehensive management of project development, precisely catering to the distinctive needs of each client. Our approach is characterized by close collaboration with selected partners operating in the luxury sector: from excellent craftsmanship to professionals specialized in various fields. By bridging the gap between the client and the various project stakeholders, we ensure exclusive and highly personalized consultancy.



Planning and Estimation

Partner Selection

Supervision and Management of Project Development

Quality Control

An in-depth investigation aimed at understanding the specific needs and objectives of each client.

The development of the project idea; the starting point for all subsequent phases.

The definition of a detailed schedule, including cost estimation and feasibility assessment, to ensure the project’s realization within agreed-upon terms.

Careful and continuous search and selection of the most suitable production partners to effectively meet the needs of each project.

Our team follows the progress of the work to ensure compliance with the planned schedule and budget. We manage site activities and monitor progress closely to address any issues or changes promptly.

Rigorous verification of processes and results to ensure the excellence of the final product.

Project Management

The services offered by M.1947 stem from the skills and professional experiences of each member of our team. We firmly believe that a flexible and multidisciplinary approach is essential to provide our clients with personalized, high-quality services.
We research and select the best suppliers, managing all bureaucratic and contractual aspects, as well as relationships with multiple project stakeholders.

Who we serve

Thanks to our exclusive and tailored approach, M.1947 is the ideal partner for architecture and interior design firms, real estate companies, investors, businesses, and individuals seeking a reliable and experienced partner capable of managing the entire lifecycle of a project, from the initial concept to final realization.