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Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail

(Leonardo da Vinci)

M.1947 is a procurement advisory firm operating nationally and internationally.

At the core of M.1947 lies a wealth of experiences and knowledge spanning over seven decades. Founded on craftsmanship and expertise in interior design, our company has evolved into a point of reference in project management on both national and international levels. With our roots firmly established in the cities of Cuneo and Monaco, we have cultivated over time a network of collaborations with design studios and interior designers, as well as solid relationships with production partners, enabling us to offer multidisciplinary and personalized consultancy. We navigate through every phase of the project, from the genesis of the idea to its realization, providing our clients with a unique experience: the opportunity to engage with a single point of contact and enjoy comprehensive, reliable, and flexible assistance, transforming creativity into tangible realities.


To guide our clients on a creative journey from conception to realization, bringing projects to life that withstand the test of time and tell unique stories.